Monday, August 30, 2004

busy, busy, busy!

It has been a really busy three days!! Saturday at work sucked. I took care of a 22 year old girl who ended up dying (MVA). It can be so depressing, the things I see at work.
Sunday was OK, busy but better than Sat. When I got home, my family asked me how work was. My son asked "Did anyone die today?" Hubby started laughing and said that not too many kids can ask their mom that. Strange.

Homeschooling today- again arguing about math! Continued reading about the apache indians. Music consisted of Luc playing his dad's violin. We went to the music store to look at 3/4 violins and found out about lessons. I very longingly strummed the cello. I can't wait until someday I can take cello. I joked with hubby that we could be a quartet, with him & L playing violin, me cello, we will just have to get little baba to decide he likes the viola!!

Have gotten lots of knitting done over last three days- finished the bag part of the booga bag, just started the i cord tonight after the girls at knitty helped me figure it out!! Also most of the way done with the christmas present I am working on.

Finally got to take a visit to the LYS. I treated myself to 2 small skeins of self patterning sock yarn. I was wanting to try out a pair of socks and that yarn was just begging me to take it home and turn it into a beautiful pair of socks to be treasured!

Sunday morning, on the way to work, I saw the cutest little deer standing on the side of the road, just standing still, looking out at the road (towards me?) He was just beautiful and made me feel so happy~


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