Friday, September 17, 2004

birthday gifts

So, my DH asked what I wanted for my birthday. I told him I didn't want anything, since I have been able to buy some things for myself lately...he was like, are you sure? Of course. So today, I didn't feel too guilt about buying a couple of books on Overstock! I ordered Hollywood Knits Style, and The Knitting Experience: The knit Stitch. I LOVE books, and I am starting to get quite a collection of knitting books! I can't wait until we move, so I can get the rest of my books out of storage, as well as a lot of my needles, the narrow drop shoulder sweater from Rebecca that I started.....
Got almost done with the first ball of yarn on my poncho last night, so I laid in bed last night and rolled my second. I was really wishing I had a swift & winder. I am thinking I will ask for them for Christmas, if my husband doesn't mind! He likes to tease me about being addicted to knitting. I told him it was better to be a fiber addict than to be addicted to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes!
Excited about the sniper cozies project- Sylvia might be able to post a chart to make a scarf with "One Shot One Kill" knitted into it. I know the snipers would LOVE that! I need to buy more yarn since I bought dark gray and I think that will only be able to be worn off duty. Nevertheless, I will make some in the Gray too.
Started looking at yarns on Ebay, but it is a bit overwhelming since I don't really know what I am looking for!! I always see people post on knitty though, about something great that they found, so I will keep looking!

Planning on getting the new Rebecca, but I think I am going to wait a couple of weeks, since I just ordered my new books. Don't want to upset the hubbie! Oh, new exciting stuff- we are looking for chairs for the reading nook in the new house, and we went to the LaZBoy store here, found a nice chair from the Todd Oldham collection that would work. It is nice, spare looking, doesn't look like a recliner, but it is. Most of his fabrics are too 70's for me, but there was a wide stripe in colors of sage, cream, and I think a brown. They seem very sturdy, yet a lot less expensive than the chairs I liked at Ethan Allen. I will definitely get the bookcase at Ethan Allen's though- it is a mission style bookcase and just beautiful!

only one random fact today since I want to take a nap!

My dream is to live in a log home, with no neighbors in site. A quiet life, time to enjoy God's green earth. Time to knit, and sew, and garden. No TV. Simple life, (simple, not easy) caring for my family.

OK, have a great day. Take time to feel the wool in your hands!


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