Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Finished Sniper Cozy!

Hurrah! Today is a new beautiful day. Sorry about the little pity party in my last post!! I really shouldn't have expected that my birthday would be special...things have been difficult lately and I shouldn't have expected some magical day!!

So, I finished up the first 1 shot 1 kill cozy. It needs to be blocked, but I still wanted to post some pics of it. Oh, well apparently I can't get my darn photobucket to work. (DEEP BREATH!)

Well, maybe tonight it will work. So instead you get my boring pictureless post.

Since I am still waiting on my yarn for Marilyn, I am going to try to get down to work on my son's punk rock backpack (From SnB) for Christmas. We wanted to try to give handmade gifts for Christmas this year. Some things we will need to buy, but we want at least the majority to be handmade. Buddy and I have been painting some blocks, one set for his brother and one set for one of his cousins.

I got online this morning and ordered some Phildar patternbooks (in English). Becky (fluffa!) got me hooked on that. (When hubbie gets bill....honey, it's not my fault! Becky made me do it! She taunted me with pictures of beautiful, stylish finished objects! I couldn't resist!)

Well, I just wanted to say thanks to my SP. You seem to always know the right thing to say to me!! I am so thankful that I have a beautiful family, a husband who loves me like crazy, two beautiful wonderful boys. My parents are great and I have two loving sisters. I will someday have my own house, which I will decorate the way I want (simple and sparing) with a reading nook with my own chair. I will have a bookcase with my favorite books in it, and a basket with my current WIP. I will be able to snuggle under my Outer Banks Throw (see knitter's stash). I will have a cup of hot sleepytime tea and both boys will be in bed. I will have classical music on. I will sigh and think..." geez, this was all worth it!" (how do you like my Leave it to Beaver slang?? :)

OK, maybe pics will work later. I am going to block the scarf now!! Have a great day!!


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