Sunday, September 19, 2004

the good and the bad of it...

OK, I will start with the good. Friday night, I had the most wonderful evening. Got the boys to bed, and then I got to take a nice, hot bath with my favorite good smelling soap.... lit candles in my room & put the baby powder scent one right next to bed. Climbed into bed and knit for about at least an hour on Union Square. (Will post pics tommorrow). It was so nice, the only thing missing was that I would have liked to put on some music but I didn't want to wake DH.
Saturday, I got to work with one of my favorite docs, so that was nice. Stopped on the way home to buy some yarn for a baby hat, and found a great yarn for a sniper cozy!! Will turn it into a scarf in next few days!
Today, on the other hand.... couldn't find my ID badge before work (baba played with it last night), got a bloody nose on the way to work. Pulled over, waiting for it to stop....a police cruiser pulled up to check on me... I figure they probably thought I was either a coke head or a domestic violence victim... but they left me alone! So got to work, did some the end of the day, we had to do an organ procurement case. Very sad story, what happened to the man. It was very depressing.... and a horrible way to end the weekend. I did what I could to help preserve his dignity and to care for him.

So, the weekend ended on a kind of a bummer. But, I have my baby powder candle lit, and I am going to crawl into bed and work on Union Square some more!! Good night!!


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