Tuesday, September 28, 2004

happy birthday to me

Well, yesterday was my birthday. I am officially 35. My birthday actually sucked, though. It was same old, same old- take care of baby, get older son from school, do homework.... When DH got home from work, my sister HAD to have a ceiling fan hung. By my husband. I had made a special dinner but the pork took way longer to cook than it should have. So I decided to take a bath. Of course, they have well water, which smells like rotten eggs, so that wasn't relaxing. Then, they were putting the power onn and off, so I was knitting in the dark. By the time dinner was done, I was really not in the mood for it!! On top of all that, my sister's husband wasa being the biggest jackass in the world and made everyone uncomfortable. She would be better off without him!

So, today, I am off from work because of a fun migraine headache, which I didn't have my meds so hubbie is picking up today and bringing home for me. I did work yesterday and today on my One Shot One kill scarf which, right now, says 1 shot 1 ki ....I hope to finish late tonight. I will post a progress pic later after I take my meds!

I have been looking at Wendy (zibibbo)'s clapotis (plural) and thinking that they would be really pretty. It might be a good way to try out Koigu Kpppm. And I know how to drop a stitch on accident but I am not sure if I understand how to do it on purpose and then keep knitting from there!

I am waiting on my yarn for Marilyn take 2. Really excited about that sweater!!

Well, will write more later. Oh, another useless fact for my secret pal. I like windy days and watching the tall pines wave.


At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOUR SP LOVES random facts about you! Happy Belated birthday...one wonderful thing, next year WONT be the same! Your house will be done, YIPPIE and it will be dinner in your own house made in your own kitchen and absolutely NO manual labor required of the ol' hubby unless its by YOU!

I hope you feel better,

take care,

At 12:49 AM, Blogger Joeli said...

Aw, Happy Birthday!! Sorry it wasn't as great as you hoped.

At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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