Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The house is getting under way!!

Well, it is finally getting going!! We met the site supervisor at our lot today to approve the placement of the home on the lot. The house is going to be set back from the curb 55' and there is a small pond that is in the back. We are so excited about it!!

We had to wait at the site for the supervisor for quite a while, so, I finished another Christmas gift!! Hooray, 2 down! Also, I knit all the i cord for the booga bag and it is in the washer now! Oh- just realized I forgot to take a before pic- well I will have to do that with the next one!

Got a pattern today for the fortissimo colori socks I am going to make- it will be my first adventure on dpns, besides the i cord. Exciting!!!

Well, that's all for today!!


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