Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I hate computers

OK, I am sitting here fuming. I was hoping I could add some bling to my boring blog by finally adding a photo. I tried hello, I tried using photobucket and w.bloggar. And I am about to pull my hair out! I am truly not as boring as my freakin pictureless blog makes me seem! I feel like a total and complete idiot right now.

OK, enough of that... this weekend sucked too! I worked 7A-7P sat & sun, was on call 7p-7a sat & sun, worked today 7a-3p, and am now on call tonight 11p-7a. Did not really get to see my family most of the weekend.

I did find out who my SP3 is, and I am already planning some nice little surprises for her. I did not hear from my sp yet (are you out there?) but hoping I will soon!

Finished my second booga bag, using lion brand landscapes. This time, I did not put it into a pillowcase, ran it through 3 hot water washes, and it felted! I am going to give it to my sister for her b-day. Also, made a real pretty, 8 ft long mohair scarf for my little sis- just need to put some fringe on the ends!

Was going to work on punk rock backpack tonight but my son is having a "camping bed" on my bedroom floor so I can't work on it! I am going to try out knitting with dpns to make my fortissimo colori socks!

Looking forward to UPS tommorrow- might get my books from overstock, might get the yarn I treated myself with ordering last week!

OK, I must go now or I am going to get aggravated at my pictureless blog again!!!


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