Wednesday, September 22, 2004

progress & no progress

the progress on Central Park
no progress on my house.

I am coming along with Central Park, which is great since I just joined a knitalong with Wendy (Zibobboisgood) and Hauteknits. It is for the Marilyn sweater from Interweave, which is absolutely gorgeous, so I had to join, didn't I? So, after Central Park, and now Marilyn, I also have on my *to knit* list: hothead hat x 2, Christmas hat for baba, Outer Banks Throw, paris loop, punk rock backpack, ribbon yarn shawl, rayon boucle shawl.....socks.... the list goes on and on, doesn't it?

Well, it looks like I will still have time... now my house is not going to get done until the end of December. It is so discouraging, because as nice as my sister is, I am so tired of living here. I am going to the fabric store tommorrow to get some colorful and funky fabric to make a curtain for my bedroom. If we are going to be here for 3 more months, I want something pretty in my room!!! I will post some pics when I get that done.

Brynne, I am glad you made the Central Park too! I think it is so pretty! And I got the idea about Paris Loop from you!

Joeli, thanks for letting me know I am not just writing to myself!! I hope you like the pick of Central Park. I can't wait to finish her! Buddy still likes his school, but he got the girl with a crush on him in trouble. He just isn't into girls yet (thank God) and she was really bugging him! He told on her because she kept saying the F word, and writing on him, and she hit him in the eye. He likes the kids, he thinks his teacher for science and social studies is great (he is younger than me and he is a surfer). He complains about his reading teacher though. He doesn't like to read and so it is always a struggle to get him to do it.

Baba is enjoying having big brother at school, because he then gets alone time with me. We just like to play together, he is just so funny. He now says uh-oh! He enjoys speaking when he can! I have been trying to get him to say "Love you!" It will come.

Men of Honor is on right now & I am noticing that I really like Charlize Theron's hair in this movie. It is in that sort of bouffant style of the fifties, with the front combed sort of forward, and then the back puffed up. That would look good with Marilyn!

Oh, did I mention that I won an auction for some alpaca yarn? I can 't wait to feel it!!

Well, I should go now, to do some more work on Central Park!!! Oh, please check out Marilyn, and tell me- apple green, pale baby pink, or white? Or even periwinkle blue? I love all these colors....


At 8:05 PM, Blogger hotknits said...

Go with the apple green! I already started mine despite all promises to wait. This is an EASY knit!


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