Friday, September 03, 2004

Secret Pal Questions!

I was so glad to get the SP3 newsletter today, I am so excited about having a secret pal! So, today I am going to write my answers to the SP questions. Yarn snob? I guess I am, sort of! I won't even look at red heart yarn, but I didn't know lion brand was in the same category- I just used some of their "Landscapes" which, by the way, does not felt! (The label says it is supposed to.) So maybe I will be avoiding them from now on too! I don't spin or crochet although I would like to learn crochet someday! I am allergic to cigarette smoke, and unfortunately get migraine headaches from strong perfumes, so my taste in scents runs to the very mild (like love's baby soft, mildly scented vanilla, stuff like that). I do not have an amazon or other wish list online, I am very new to a lot of stuff on the net, including blogging! Yes, unfortunately I do have a sweet tooth and love chocolate (doesn't every girl!). I like to sew, I scrapbook. Music tastes- classical mainly, I love the cello, I like contemporary Christian music, I love Otis Redding and 50's music, I'll listen to some hip hop (if it isn't vulgar).I don't think I can play MP3s or I would probably know it!

I love blues and greens. Mostly the type of colors that you would find in like a Ralph Lauren seaside collection (think beach glass, sea water, etc) I love the ocean ( I live here on the Atlantic). I am married and have two boys, ages 10 and 16 months. We are living with my sister currently while we are having a house built, so the only pet we have is a betta fish. When we get the house, my son is going to get a rabbit (wouldn't that be nice to get an angora and spin my own yarn.....) Life dreams- one will be fulfilled shortly, when I go on vacation in Oct, I am going to milk a cow!! I have always wanted to do that! I want to learn to play cello, I want to someday live in a log home, probably in the mountains of NC. I want to rent an RV and drive across America. I want to swim with dolphins. I would like to visit Steve Prefontaine's grave. I would love to visit Israel but probably never will because 1) I am afraid of flying and 2) it is too dangerous there.

Favorite yarns- I am still in the stage where I am experimenting with different yarns so I can't much say I have a fave, but I think if my first pair of socks works out, Fortissima Colori will be my fave!! I like natural fibers, and I have to say I hate the word acrylic, but at the same time I like experimenting and I like eyelash and GGH Puntolinea, and they are definitely NOT natural fiber! I think my current obsession is trying to get a nicely felted booga bag, since mine didn't! I am going to buy some cascade 220 and try again!! Then, I want to try to do the FMB....

Right now, I am working on... punk rock backpack for my son (for Christmas), scarf for my little sis in a great mohair blend, another booga bag, and I bought the DPNs for my first pair of socks today.I can't wait to get started on those!!! Also, somewhere in my storage, I have the narrow drop shoulder sweater (from Rebecca) on needles! As for ponchos, I would have to say no I don't think I like them, but there is one in "Weekend Knitting" that I think is adorable and want to knit! I just started knitting on circulars and I think they rock!!

I learned to knit from a susan bates book because nobody wanted to teach me since I am left handed. I just recently found out, through knitting without tears, that I am a tight knitter who knits backward!

And.... my oldest UFO... I am embarrassed to admit. Let's just say I wanted to learn to knit when I was pregnant with my first son, and started a baby sweater for him.......


At 3:03 PM, Blogger helen said...

Landscape is a wool/acrylic blend, if i remember correctly. isn't that the one where the core is wrapped with wool and so therefore it will not felt, or at least not all that much?


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