Friday, September 10, 2004

sweet freedom!

Yahoo! I just sent my hubby and kids out the door- they are traveling to a bike race (bicycle, not motor) and will be gone until Sun afternoon. Now, I still have to work the whole freakin weekend, but THERE IS QUIET!!!!!!!!!!! My ten year old and my husband will be racing (I met my hubby through bike racing, he tried out for the olympics many years ago against Lance Armstrong (guess who won?) My son has just started racing. He is real excited!!

We made the decision to send L to public school. He was driving me nuts, and I was resenting him for it. I will of course still work with him a lot, but this is what is going to work for us right now. It sort of makes me feel like a failure, though.

We went out today and bought him some clothes for school, and he kept saying "mom, you didn't have to buy me all this", and "Mom, you don't have to spend so much money on me". Funny, $100 seems like a fortune to a 10 year old! And, of course I got some GREAT bargains so he got quite a haul! I also ordered him a kid's knitting book yest. at Amazon, since I was already on there to buy a German lang. program for him (he wants to be just like his dad! bike racing, violin playing, german speaking.....)

I was thinking today about the professor I had at the University of NY at Buffalo, about 14 years ago. I took a major Russian writers course, and this great old guy who taught it was amazing. He was really tough! But anyways, He used to sit on top of his desk, and he would have these wool pants on, and then you would look down, and he had these beautiful hand knitted wool socks. They were all cabled and I just used to think about how much his wife must love him and make those socks for him. What an expression of love.

Sent my mama her Bday gift today- a great big bar of almond milk soap, wrapped in a seed stitch washcloth I made for her. Will have to load pic later when boys get back with camera. Also, some tea, and a note that I want to go yarn shopping with her in Raleigh and buy her some yarn!

Sent off a little package to my SP today, hoping that she will like it!!

Well- it is time to go to the bank and get some money for SEX!


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