Thursday, September 16, 2004

Union Square shawl/ poncho

Yahoo!I have gotten a good start on my shawl/poncho, now that Buddy is in school. Which, by the way, is going very well. He seems to be popular, especially with the girls! He came home the first day of school and told me it was kind of aggravating because 5 girls like him! Yesterday he came home with a note from a girl named Claire, who said if he wanted, she would be his girlfriend and he could be her boyfriend. And maybe they could get married when they got older....and he's 10! He acted like he was upset, but I could tell he was pleased. He also is settling in to doing his homework, without too much of a fight....

Baba is enjoying some time alone with me. We have time to read and just play. I think he is trying to say the word angel which I think is wonderful! He is so sweet, a very happy little boy.

So anyways, my union square shawl... I am getting very good at the baby cable! I am getting more confident in my skills. Yesterday I got really frustrated because I had dropped a stitch and couldn't pick it up, so I had to rip back a few inches. But that was the first time I was able to rip back without having to frog the whole thing- so I learned a new skill. I am hoping to finish this before my vacation first week of October.

I am loving the new knitty. The first thing I want to make is COZY. And I think hallowig is adorable, but I am not sure if I will tackle it!!

so, now some more random facts about me:
1) did I mention I am a chocoholic? Crazy about it, especially lindt. When I went to Europe last, I brought back a whole suitcase of the stuff!

2) My first car was a 1980 toyota corona station wagon. Which I got in 1987. My friends called it the heap.

3) I dated the drummer from Weezer, when we were in high school together. He cheated on me.

4) I love reading magazines.

5) Being in the Army is great for a lot of people, but it didn't do me a lot of good.

6) I am a southerner by way of NY. I lived there for 26 yr before moving to Carolina.

7) I don't ever want to leave the south.

8) I love to grow tea roses, especially pink ones.

9) I love impressionists. I am nuts about Camille Pissaro.

10) I love babies. My husband and I bought our first item of baby clothing in Bad Sackingen, Germany, on our honeymoon.

OK, I need to go work on my knitting now!! Have a great day!
This is the washcloth I made for my mama for her bday. It is in seed stitch.

This is the beginning of union square. Colors are not real true to life- the pillow is sage green!


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