Monday, October 25, 2004

nothing about knitting here

I am sorry, right now I cannot write about knitting. I have been worrying about my son, and his schooling, and just how quickly they grow up. So, I am sitting here, reading blogs, working on Klara's first sleeve, and watching TV. This show I am watching (never saw it before) Living the Life, they were talking about the clothes that kids are wearing these days. The host brought out a collection of clothes she bought that were supposed to be for 6-10 year old girls. It just made me so sad. There were these little tiny skirts that a girl wouldn't be able to bend down in! The low rise jeans that have a tiny zipper (like 3 inches long!) little halters and strappy little tops. They even have shiny satiny undies for that age, as well a s pair that said MEOW on the front. Oh- and get this- tiny little padded, demi cup push up bras.

Now, I realize that I am a very conservative person, but come on! This just makes my heart so heavy. Our kids are growing up way too fast. My son (10 years old) has come home and asked me what is rape? Someone said Kobe Bryant raped someone. He has told me some of the things he has heard at school and they shocked me (and don''t forget, I used to be in the army!)

I am feeling so down about this. I worry so much for my boys. They are expected to grow up so quickly now. When buddy was in third grade, we spent a MINIMUM of 3 hours a night on homework. I just don't get it. I want my son to grow up slowly, like a normal CHILD!

I promise, I will post tonight, with pics. And it will be about knitting and my first steps in crochet yesterday!


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