Friday, November 12, 2004


Boring title, I know. But I just don't feel like being creative tonight!!

First of all, THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!! My secret pal sent me a package!! I am feeling loved... some wonderful things for me!!! First of all, she must have figured out my OBSESSION with knitting socks! So, she sent me an easy, beginners pattern for socks from knitting pure and simple. To go with it...a yummy skein of Opal sock yarn- with beautiful roses, sages, rust, is going to make a beautiful pair of socks!! Then, a book called "The Knitter's Gift; an Inspirational Bag of Words, Wisdom, and Craft". It sounds like a COZY book. To curl up with in my new chair, in my new house, and enjoy. THEN, as if all this wasn''t enough, guess what else? Yup, you guessed it- something to tame my fierce chocolate tooth! And not just any chocolate, but a bar of my favorite Lindt (swiss) chocolate, Perugina (italian), and Dolfin (belgium). I never had the Dolfin, but the belgians make some great chocolate!! Thank you, thank you secret pal!!!

I went to Southern Pines with my folks today. There is the most awesome yarn store there!! I will tell all about it tommorrow! Also.... yes my hubbie now knows (and approves) of the fact that when we get out house, we will be getting a mini rex bunny for buddy and a german angora cross for me!! YAY!

Have a great weekend everyone! Oh, and thank you to those who posted kind comments about my last post. It is nice to know that even if people don't agree with my beliefs, they can support my right to voice my opinion!!! Knit bloggers can be some great people, can't they!!


At 5:16 AM, Blogger Joeli said...

I'm so glad you have such a great SP. You deserve it! Hope you had a good weekend working.


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