Wednesday, November 10, 2004

good blogger!

Ok, now for the sewing projects!
First, I had a pair of old jeans. You know, the comfy favorite jeans that start falling apart. They were getting worse with every wearing. So, I turned them into a cute A-line skirt. I got the idea from craftster. Very easy, and I can continue to wear my old jeans!

Next, a modified "Roll Your Own Needle Case" from SnB. I left a couple of larger pockets for the circs and I ade it a double layer of pockets. I love this cheerful fabric! The polka dots are my favorite.

Last: 7 years ago I helped my sister start a quilt. She has never finished it. I have taken all of her pieces and put them in my closet. While she is sleeping (she works at night) I am going to finish the quilt, hand tie it, and give it to her for CHRISTmas!

Oh- idea I also got from craftster... my in laws are all liberals. So for my brother in law's B-day (coming soon) I am going to stencil George W.'s face on a t-shirt. I am going to write underneath it: I voted and all I got was this president. When I wrap it I will fold it so he won't see the saying at first! See, I can joke about politics!!

Note to my secret pal: Are you a liberal? Or at least a democrat? Were you dissappointed when you saw that I was your secret pal? Even though I am conservative, religious, a family oriented person- I can still be fun!!
I don't know why, I just thought this might be the case, since there are so many liberals in knitblogland.

random facts for you:

I was in love with my first grade teacher. Patti Reno. I thought she was the greatest woman on the face of this planet.

In high school I was nuts about Led Zeppelin and Motley Crue. Right now, if I could only listen to one artist, it would be Otis Redding.

I hate to talk on the phone.

I love the smell of the ocean.

My feet are always cold.

Well, tommorrow I am taking the boys to mama's. We may go the Southern Pines on Friday. I have never been there but my family loves taking day trips there. I want to go! (and there is a yarn shop there!)

I am not sure if I will be able to blog from there. If not I will be back Friday night!


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