Monday, November 01, 2004


I have lots on my mind today.
1) How to avoid trauma (after one too many weekends of fixing up people who got themselves into trouble).
Don't sit on your front porch reading the bible at night. It is apparently the most risky thing you can do. So many of our patients got shot while doing this.
If you ever hear of Some Dude being around in your town, stay at home. Some Dude is known for just going up to people unprovoked and beating the snot out of them. Some Dude is really busy here in our area every weekend, but if he ever leaves I will warn you all.
If you ever hit a tree because it just came up from nowhere, don't drink a beer you conveniently have with you (in order to dull the pain). Those stupid healthcare workers will think you actually drank it before you were in the accident.
Oh, by the way, don't hang out with people smoking crack before going to surgery. When you get a positive result, those stupid healthcare workers won't believe you that you didn't do anything. They won't believe it is from secondhand smoke. What do those doctors and nurses know, anyways?

It was a very nice weekend. I woke up on Sat with a migraine, but I took one of the medicines my MD gave me to try out and went back to sleep. I woke up 2 hrs later and my headache was gone!! So, I went to work. We were really busy (see above), but it was OK. I squeezed out enough time to work on my sister's CHRISTmas hat. After work, I hung out with my BIL since everyone was gone (the boys went to Fayetteville to trick or treat at my Mama's). We watched Sweet Home Alabama and I finished my sister's hat. I started a smaller one for one of my friends' daughters. Sunday we had a couple people call in so we were short staffed. But the day went OK. I got to follow chain of custody for the first time. This is just when we remove a bullet from someone, you need to note exactly who had the bullet in their possesion, and hand it over to the police. That way if there is a lawsuit or criminal trial or what have you, there is none of that questioning about who had the bullet in their possesion. I did a great job!

I decided to quit on my shawl for class. The rayon ribbon yarn I was using is so slippery it was always slipping off the needles. I am going to start a different shawl, with different yarn, but first I want to get going on the backpack. Upper front, back, gusset, and two straps down. I started the lower front, the part with the intarsia, last night. Then I will just have to sew it all together and line it. I want to find some fun, funky fabric to line it.

I won Debbie Bliss' Junior Knits book on Ebay. I am excited because there are several sweaters I can make for Buddy. They are more skater looking, nothing cutesy. And I won't have to try to change sizing from a bigger sweater. PLUS there are sizes that will fit Baba in about a year or so. So The book should serve me for a long time! I also got some roving, to try to make some felt balls for my nieces and nephews for CHRISTmas. And I am bidding on some yarn that is handspun AND handpainted. It is and angora blend. I love angora and I can't WAIT to get my own bunny! I have only seen French angora bunnies around here, but I would really like a German angora. DH doesn't know yet that we are going to have 2 bunnies :).

Going to finally mail my first package for the sniper cozies. Also, a little something for JOeli, who has been so super helpful with my blog!!

Will post some pics later of finished CHRISTmas presents!!


At 2:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, Some Dude is always the culprit when I watch any of those ER or Trauma shows on TLC/Discovery channel. I bet you have a ton of stories from the work that you do.

Congrats on the eBay winnings!


At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Patti-
Just wanted to drop by and say hi. Have you thought anymore about that yoga mat?


At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi patti... responding to your comment on my blog...the handwarmers were very easy to do. I knit the pair in an evening and they have a really cool look to them. I found that I really only liked that pattern and the hat pattern from the book. I borrowed it from a friend before I was willing to buy it. Not to say there weren't other great projects... Hey, thanks for your like-minded encouragement! Have a good night,


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