Friday, December 03, 2004

Surprise birthday that wasn't !

Well, yesterday was my husband's birthday! I had planned a surprise for him and I thought I had planned well. But here is what happened.
I had told my husband I was going to go to Fayetteville this week on wed. Then, Tuesday night I told him I wouldn't go until Thursday, because we had knitting night Wed. So, he thought I was going to go Th morning, on his B-day. We didn't mention his birthday to him at all. Th morning, I didn't even say happy birthday to him, so he would think I forgot. I called him in the AM and told him that I was getting ready to leave, then had my mom call him a couple hours later and say we just got there, and that I was putting the baby down for his nap. In the meantime, we went out to the best bakery ever, Apple Annies, and got him a hazelnut cake with hazelnut buttercream and grated chocolate topping. We got the groceries to make him his favorite dinner (meatloaf and mashed yukon gold potatoes) , and got him a couple of presents.

Well, I asked my brother in law to ask my DH to come home and ride bikes together. But my husband rode during his lunch break. SO my BIL said my sis needed something done here at the house. My sister told DH that she couldn't get the water to turn off in the kitchen sink and that it kept running. Well, no dice. He told her to shut the water off under the sink. AND that he was going to go Christmas shopping and wouldn't be home until 6 0r 6:30. So, we were hiding in my sister's bedroom at 6:00, watching Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas. Finally, at 7:00, he was home, and by then I was totally aggravated with buddy, who had been bad all day (talking back and arguing about schoolwork) and baba had been grouchy too. So, the meatloaf was a little well done and the potatoes were cold. And my husband had already eaten dinner. Somehow, these things seem to work out for some people, but never for me!


At 1:10 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

How frustrating to go through all of that work only to have it backfire! I'm sorry that the surprise didn't work out. That sounds like something that would happen to me. Maybe next year you'll have better luck.


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