Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Finished Sniper Cozy!

Hurrah! Today is a new beautiful day. Sorry about the little pity party in my last post!! I really shouldn't have expected that my birthday would be special...things have been difficult lately and I shouldn't have expected some magical day!!

So, I finished up the first 1 shot 1 kill cozy. It needs to be blocked, but I still wanted to post some pics of it. Oh, well apparently I can't get my darn photobucket to work. (DEEP BREATH!)

Well, maybe tonight it will work. So instead you get my boring pictureless post.

Since I am still waiting on my yarn for Marilyn, I am going to try to get down to work on my son's punk rock backpack (From SnB) for Christmas. We wanted to try to give handmade gifts for Christmas this year. Some things we will need to buy, but we want at least the majority to be handmade. Buddy and I have been painting some blocks, one set for his brother and one set for one of his cousins.

I got online this morning and ordered some Phildar patternbooks (in English). Becky (fluffa!) got me hooked on that. (When hubbie gets bill....honey, it's not my fault! Becky made me do it! She taunted me with pictures of beautiful, stylish finished objects! I couldn't resist!)

Well, I just wanted to say thanks to my SP. You seem to always know the right thing to say to me!! I am so thankful that I have a beautiful family, a husband who loves me like crazy, two beautiful wonderful boys. My parents are great and I have two loving sisters. I will someday have my own house, which I will decorate the way I want (simple and sparing) with a reading nook with my own chair. I will have a bookcase with my favorite books in it, and a basket with my current WIP. I will be able to snuggle under my Outer Banks Throw (see knitter's stash). I will have a cup of hot sleepytime tea and both boys will be in bed. I will have classical music on. I will sigh and think..." geez, this was all worth it!" (how do you like my Leave it to Beaver slang?? :)

OK, maybe pics will work later. I am going to block the scarf now!! Have a great day!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

happy birthday to me

Well, yesterday was my birthday. I am officially 35. My birthday actually sucked, though. It was same old, same old- take care of baby, get older son from school, do homework.... When DH got home from work, my sister HAD to have a ceiling fan hung. By my husband. I had made a special dinner but the pork took way longer to cook than it should have. So I decided to take a bath. Of course, they have well water, which smells like rotten eggs, so that wasn't relaxing. Then, they were putting the power onn and off, so I was knitting in the dark. By the time dinner was done, I was really not in the mood for it!! On top of all that, my sister's husband wasa being the biggest jackass in the world and made everyone uncomfortable. She would be better off without him!

So, today, I am off from work because of a fun migraine headache, which I didn't have my meds so hubbie is picking up today and bringing home for me. I did work yesterday and today on my One Shot One kill scarf which, right now, says 1 shot 1 ki ....I hope to finish late tonight. I will post a progress pic later after I take my meds!

I have been looking at Wendy (zibibbo)'s clapotis (plural) and thinking that they would be really pretty. It might be a good way to try out Koigu Kpppm. And I know how to drop a stitch on accident but I am not sure if I understand how to do it on purpose and then keep knitting from there!

I am waiting on my yarn for Marilyn take 2. Really excited about that sweater!!

Well, will write more later. Oh, another useless fact for my secret pal. I like windy days and watching the tall pines wave.

Friday, September 24, 2004

A finished Central Park!

Yippee!! I have finished Central Park, and she is so comfy and chic!! Here are some pics of her:

And some pics of my room. I didn't sew the dowels into the shade yet (I was just too tired today!) the little covered shelf next to the bed is a shoe organizer where I keep my stash. The fabrics on the bed are to make a roll your own needle case.

I ordered my yarn for Marilyn today. I couldn't afford the one I wated, but I did get a beautiful periwinkle blue brown sheep company lamb's pride bulky. Can't wait to get it to start on it. In the meantime I want to start baba a hat tonight so that I have something to bring to work in case it is slow this weekend!!

By the way, today I have been in *chocolate heaven*. I am trying to slowly savor the chocolate given to me by my sweet secret pal! Thank you again, secret pal!!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

thank you to my sweet secret pal!

hmm... trying to figure out how to paste in a pic of the great prezzie I got from my secret pal... trying to use photobucket. I did it once before....
Anyway, I got two of my very favorite chocolate bars, Lindt (the very best in the world!!!) I took a pic right away because they are not going to hang around very long! Also, my secret pal sent me the best card... perfect for my at this point in time! Yesterday I was really upset because we found out the house schedule was delayed by yet another month...I am so tired of living in this trailer!! So, SP, thank you for reminding me what is REALLY important in life. I needed a new perspective.

Since I am trying to look at the big picture and not focus on the little things, I am trying so very hard to be positive today. I went to my very favorite fabric shop in the world (OK, in town), and I bought some fun, funky cheerful prints to brighten up my room. I covered the computer table, my stash organizer unit (the kind made for shoes- works great for my tiny stash!) and the fabric to make a roman shade for the window. I made a curtain for my sister's bathroom, so she will be surprised when she comes back home tommorrow. I did most of the sewing for my roman shade, but I need to buy the dowels. So, if I figure out what I am doing with the pics, I will show you tommorrow!!

Besides my great package from my SP, I got a beautiful birthday card from my mother in law. I will use the money she sent towards my yarn for Marilyn! See previous post and let me know what color you like! Also, got my copy of Hollywood Knits Style. I really like her stuff for some reason!

Borrowed two books from my lib. yesterday- vintage knits and Snow Falling on Cedars, on CD, to make my drive to work more productive!

MIGHT take a yoga class tonight. I was going to go last night, but hubbie got home from work later than usual.

Have a great day!! Thanks again to my sweet secret pal!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

progress & no progress

the progress on Central Park
no progress on my house.

I am coming along with Central Park, which is great since I just joined a knitalong with Wendy (Zibobboisgood) and Hauteknits. It is for the Marilyn sweater from Interweave, which is absolutely gorgeous, so I had to join, didn't I? So, after Central Park, and now Marilyn, I also have on my *to knit* list: hothead hat x 2, Christmas hat for baba, Outer Banks Throw, paris loop, punk rock backpack, ribbon yarn shawl, rayon boucle shawl.....socks.... the list goes on and on, doesn't it?

Well, it looks like I will still have time... now my house is not going to get done until the end of December. It is so discouraging, because as nice as my sister is, I am so tired of living here. I am going to the fabric store tommorrow to get some colorful and funky fabric to make a curtain for my bedroom. If we are going to be here for 3 more months, I want something pretty in my room!!! I will post some pics when I get that done.

Brynne, I am glad you made the Central Park too! I think it is so pretty! And I got the idea about Paris Loop from you!

Joeli, thanks for letting me know I am not just writing to myself!! I hope you like the pick of Central Park. I can't wait to finish her! Buddy still likes his school, but he got the girl with a crush on him in trouble. He just isn't into girls yet (thank God) and she was really bugging him! He told on her because she kept saying the F word, and writing on him, and she hit him in the eye. He likes the kids, he thinks his teacher for science and social studies is great (he is younger than me and he is a surfer). He complains about his reading teacher though. He doesn't like to read and so it is always a struggle to get him to do it.

Baba is enjoying having big brother at school, because he then gets alone time with me. We just like to play together, he is just so funny. He now says uh-oh! He enjoys speaking when he can! I have been trying to get him to say "Love you!" It will come.

Men of Honor is on right now & I am noticing that I really like Charlize Theron's hair in this movie. It is in that sort of bouffant style of the fifties, with the front combed sort of forward, and then the back puffed up. That would look good with Marilyn!

Oh, did I mention that I won an auction for some alpaca yarn? I can 't wait to feel it!!

Well, I should go now, to do some more work on Central Park!!! Oh, please check out Marilyn, and tell me- apple green, pale baby pink, or white? Or even periwinkle blue? I love all these colors....

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

shoes, ponchos, snipers, and yoga- oh my!

I have decided I MUST get an ew pair of work shoes. I scrub eye surgeries all day on Tuesdays, and so I basically stay in the same place for 8 hrs on a hard linoleum floor. I usually wear only Birkenstocks, but I found this comfy looking pair of "bjorndal" shoes & bought them. They just don't feel comfortable after 8 hours! So after another day of sore feet and back, I have decided I have to get another pair of Birkis. I wish I never had to wear anything but my Birkis.
Ponchos- I am working like mad on my Union Square shawl/poncho. I hope to have her done by this weekend! I talked to my little sis today (it's her birthday) and she said she would like a poncho. I was surprised because usually when I like something, she doesn't!
I was getting a little tired of the baby cables so I was working on my first sniper cozy scarf-I tried to knit in the skull and crossbones chart from glampyre knits. I screwed that all up, so I need to rip it all out! GRR!

Yoga- I decided that I am going to go to the yoga place today and see if they have nursery, and the class schedule, and start doing a yoga class! I want to do something for ME! Something that will help me have more energy, and something that helps me relax and relieve stress.

So, tonight we are going to the house site to see if they have poured the slab YET.... I will probably be getting upset again. I am so tired of living at my sister's.

PLEASE feel free to comment, so I know that I am not just writing this to myself!! Thanks!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

the good and the bad of it...

OK, I will start with the good. Friday night, I had the most wonderful evening. Got the boys to bed, and then I got to take a nice, hot bath with my favorite good smelling soap.... lit candles in my room & put the baby powder scent one right next to bed. Climbed into bed and knit for about at least an hour on Union Square. (Will post pics tommorrow). It was so nice, the only thing missing was that I would have liked to put on some music but I didn't want to wake DH.
Saturday, I got to work with one of my favorite docs, so that was nice. Stopped on the way home to buy some yarn for a baby hat, and found a great yarn for a sniper cozy!! Will turn it into a scarf in next few days!
Today, on the other hand.... couldn't find my ID badge before work (baba played with it last night), got a bloody nose on the way to work. Pulled over, waiting for it to stop....a police cruiser pulled up to check on me... I figure they probably thought I was either a coke head or a domestic violence victim... but they left me alone! So got to work, did some the end of the day, we had to do an organ procurement case. Very sad story, what happened to the man. It was very depressing.... and a horrible way to end the weekend. I did what I could to help preserve his dignity and to care for him.

So, the weekend ended on a kind of a bummer. But, I have my baby powder candle lit, and I am going to crawl into bed and work on Union Square some more!! Good night!!

Friday, September 17, 2004

birthday gifts

So, my DH asked what I wanted for my birthday. I told him I didn't want anything, since I have been able to buy some things for myself lately...he was like, are you sure? Of course. So today, I didn't feel too guilt about buying a couple of books on Overstock! I ordered Hollywood Knits Style, and The Knitting Experience: The knit Stitch. I LOVE books, and I am starting to get quite a collection of knitting books! I can't wait until we move, so I can get the rest of my books out of storage, as well as a lot of my needles, the narrow drop shoulder sweater from Rebecca that I started.....
Got almost done with the first ball of yarn on my poncho last night, so I laid in bed last night and rolled my second. I was really wishing I had a swift & winder. I am thinking I will ask for them for Christmas, if my husband doesn't mind! He likes to tease me about being addicted to knitting. I told him it was better to be a fiber addict than to be addicted to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes!
Excited about the sniper cozies project- Sylvia might be able to post a chart to make a scarf with "One Shot One Kill" knitted into it. I know the snipers would LOVE that! I need to buy more yarn since I bought dark gray and I think that will only be able to be worn off duty. Nevertheless, I will make some in the Gray too.
Started looking at yarns on Ebay, but it is a bit overwhelming since I don't really know what I am looking for!! I always see people post on knitty though, about something great that they found, so I will keep looking!

Planning on getting the new Rebecca, but I think I am going to wait a couple of weeks, since I just ordered my new books. Don't want to upset the hubbie! Oh, new exciting stuff- we are looking for chairs for the reading nook in the new house, and we went to the LaZBoy store here, found a nice chair from the Todd Oldham collection that would work. It is nice, spare looking, doesn't look like a recliner, but it is. Most of his fabrics are too 70's for me, but there was a wide stripe in colors of sage, cream, and I think a brown. They seem very sturdy, yet a lot less expensive than the chairs I liked at Ethan Allen. I will definitely get the bookcase at Ethan Allen's though- it is a mission style bookcase and just beautiful!

only one random fact today since I want to take a nap!

My dream is to live in a log home, with no neighbors in site. A quiet life, time to enjoy God's green earth. Time to knit, and sew, and garden. No TV. Simple life, (simple, not easy) caring for my family.

OK, have a great day. Take time to feel the wool in your hands!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Union Square shawl/ poncho

Yahoo!I have gotten a good start on my shawl/poncho, now that Buddy is in school. Which, by the way, is going very well. He seems to be popular, especially with the girls! He came home the first day of school and told me it was kind of aggravating because 5 girls like him! Yesterday he came home with a note from a girl named Claire, who said if he wanted, she would be his girlfriend and he could be her boyfriend. And maybe they could get married when they got older....and he's 10! He acted like he was upset, but I could tell he was pleased. He also is settling in to doing his homework, without too much of a fight....

Baba is enjoying some time alone with me. We have time to read and just play. I think he is trying to say the word angel which I think is wonderful! He is so sweet, a very happy little boy.

So anyways, my union square shawl... I am getting very good at the baby cable! I am getting more confident in my skills. Yesterday I got really frustrated because I had dropped a stitch and couldn't pick it up, so I had to rip back a few inches. But that was the first time I was able to rip back without having to frog the whole thing- so I learned a new skill. I am hoping to finish this before my vacation first week of October.

I am loving the new knitty. The first thing I want to make is COZY. And I think hallowig is adorable, but I am not sure if I will tackle it!!

so, now some more random facts about me:
1) did I mention I am a chocoholic? Crazy about it, especially lindt. When I went to Europe last, I brought back a whole suitcase of the stuff!

2) My first car was a 1980 toyota corona station wagon. Which I got in 1987. My friends called it the heap.

3) I dated the drummer from Weezer, when we were in high school together. He cheated on me.

4) I love reading magazines.

5) Being in the Army is great for a lot of people, but it didn't do me a lot of good.

6) I am a southerner by way of NY. I lived there for 26 yr before moving to Carolina.

7) I don't ever want to leave the south.

8) I love to grow tea roses, especially pink ones.

9) I love impressionists. I am nuts about Camille Pissaro.

10) I love babies. My husband and I bought our first item of baby clothing in Bad Sackingen, Germany, on our honeymoon.

OK, I need to go work on my knitting now!! Have a great day!
This is the washcloth I made for my mama for her bday. It is in seed stitch.

This is the beginning of union square. Colors are not real true to life- the pillow is sage green!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

happy day!

Today was a pretty good day for me. I almost fell back asleep this morning after my alarm went off but L called me to tell me he didn't sleep well. He told me all about what he & dad were going to do today, then I told him I had to go so I wouldn't be late for work.... which I rarely ever am. I can't stand to be late!
Pretty good day at work. I got to do a couple pediatric surgeries with our peds surgeon who I totally love! He is such a smart man, and the kids we did today were so cute.

I also had a bit of free time at work, so I started on a shawl with the absolutely beautiful Fiesta Yarns rayon boucle in the "Quince" colorway. It is so beautiful, I can't wait to finish so I can wear it!

The SEXpedition yesterday was fantastic. I now have most of my yarns to make the Outer Banks Throw from Knitter's stash. This will sit on my chair in my reading nook when I move into my house (hopefully at Thanksgiving time!) Also bought two balls of that rayon boucle. Found a little ball of yarn to make a little something for my secret pal. I mailed out her first package yesterday and I really hope she likes it. I think it is fun to pick things out for her! I am hoping I am not too boring for my secret pal. But if I am, I'll give you a hint- I am grateful for anything.

While on that topic, I thought you might like to know a few random facts about me!

1) I have decided that I am so geeky that I am actually ultra cool. If you can't see it, then it's because you're not cool enough to!

2) I secretly would love to dress in indian saris. But am afraid of offending anyone.

3) Tommorrow I celebrate three years of being cancer free! I had thyroid cancer. But I am cured.

4)I live on the coast but I have a shark phobia so I don't go into the ocean.

5) My first son almost died when he was born.

6) I used to be in the Army.

7) I rarely drink alcohol. Like maybe once a year or two.

8) I love Martha Stewart and hate her at the same time.

9) I learned to read in kindergarden because I thought all the other kids already knew how so I tried really really hard.

10) I used to read all the time as a child, including by moonlight after bedtime. I used to get in trouble for reading in the dark.

11) Everyone in my family wears glasses. Except for me!

12) I idolized Laura Ingalls Wilder as a child. I still wish I could be her!

13) sometimes I like to get into a little mischief. But I usually get caught.

14) I got homesick on my honeymoon because I had never been away from my family for so long. We flew home from Europe several days early.

I think that's it for tonight, I want to get some knitting in before bed! We have a big case in the morning tommorrow and I want to be fresh for my patients! Good night!

Friday, September 10, 2004

sweet freedom!

Yahoo! I just sent my hubby and kids out the door- they are traveling to a bike race (bicycle, not motor) and will be gone until Sun afternoon. Now, I still have to work the whole freakin weekend, but THERE IS QUIET!!!!!!!!!!! My ten year old and my husband will be racing (I met my hubby through bike racing, he tried out for the olympics many years ago against Lance Armstrong (guess who won?) My son has just started racing. He is real excited!!

We made the decision to send L to public school. He was driving me nuts, and I was resenting him for it. I will of course still work with him a lot, but this is what is going to work for us right now. It sort of makes me feel like a failure, though.

We went out today and bought him some clothes for school, and he kept saying "mom, you didn't have to buy me all this", and "Mom, you don't have to spend so much money on me". Funny, $100 seems like a fortune to a 10 year old! And, of course I got some GREAT bargains so he got quite a haul! I also ordered him a kid's knitting book yest. at Amazon, since I was already on there to buy a German lang. program for him (he wants to be just like his dad! bike racing, violin playing, german speaking.....)

I was thinking today about the professor I had at the University of NY at Buffalo, about 14 years ago. I took a major Russian writers course, and this great old guy who taught it was amazing. He was really tough! But anyways, He used to sit on top of his desk, and he would have these wool pants on, and then you would look down, and he had these beautiful hand knitted wool socks. They were all cabled and I just used to think about how much his wife must love him and make those socks for him. What an expression of love.

Sent my mama her Bday gift today- a great big bar of almond milk soap, wrapped in a seed stitch washcloth I made for her. Will have to load pic later when boys get back with camera. Also, some tea, and a note that I want to go yarn shopping with her in Raleigh and buy her some yarn!

Sent off a little package to my SP today, hoping that she will like it!!

Well- it is time to go to the bank and get some money for SEX!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

my small but beautiful stash!

the sock I started
mama's scarf

little sis's scarf- needs fringe added
older sis's booga bag- minus the handles!

my booga- I am going to try one more time to felt it!

trials & tribulations of homeschooling....

I didn't post yesterday because I was too exhausted. I got into a huge fight with my ten year old about his homeschooling. I got so tired of him telling me that he couldn't do something, or he didn't understand it. It could be something as simple as writing the alphabet, and he would still complain, he is just being lazy. So, we had a blowout yesterday. It ended up with my sister watching the two boys and I went to the LYS. I was so upset I couldn't even think straight. When I got there, the owner's dog greeted me and I played with her for a little while. Something about petting a dog and having them love you back, it just calms me down. So anyways, I learned how to knit with double pointed needles!

I got an email from my secret pal yesterday- thank you for the introduction!

Finished my sister's booga bag. The pics I took were before I put on the handles. It is so pretty! I might just put mine back in the wash, outside of the pillowcase!

Dyed some yarn today, have it hanging to dry. Not sure yet if I like it!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Thanks joeli

I am hoping by posting this and republishing, you will be able to see a pic of my sis and me in the profile (I am on the left)! Thanks for your help!

ok, if I can just get it into the profile

Ok- so I did it somehow! Now- if I can just figure out how to put the pic into my profile...

I hate computers

OK, I am sitting here fuming. I was hoping I could add some bling to my boring blog by finally adding a photo. I tried hello, I tried using photobucket and w.bloggar. And I am about to pull my hair out! I am truly not as boring as my freakin pictureless blog makes me seem! I feel like a total and complete idiot right now.

OK, enough of that... this weekend sucked too! I worked 7A-7P sat & sun, was on call 7p-7a sat & sun, worked today 7a-3p, and am now on call tonight 11p-7a. Did not really get to see my family most of the weekend.

I did find out who my SP3 is, and I am already planning some nice little surprises for her. I did not hear from my sp yet (are you out there?) but hoping I will soon!

Finished my second booga bag, using lion brand landscapes. This time, I did not put it into a pillowcase, ran it through 3 hot water washes, and it felted! I am going to give it to my sister for her b-day. Also, made a real pretty, 8 ft long mohair scarf for my little sis- just need to put some fringe on the ends!

Was going to work on punk rock backpack tonight but my son is having a "camping bed" on my bedroom floor so I can't work on it! I am going to try out knitting with dpns to make my fortissimo colori socks!

Looking forward to UPS tommorrow- might get my books from overstock, might get the yarn I treated myself with ordering last week!

OK, I must go now or I am going to get aggravated at my pictureless blog again!!!

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Friday, September 03, 2004

Secret Pal Questions!

I was so glad to get the SP3 newsletter today, I am so excited about having a secret pal! So, today I am going to write my answers to the SP questions. Yarn snob? I guess I am, sort of! I won't even look at red heart yarn, but I didn't know lion brand was in the same category- I just used some of their "Landscapes" which, by the way, does not felt! (The label says it is supposed to.) So maybe I will be avoiding them from now on too! I don't spin or crochet although I would like to learn crochet someday! I am allergic to cigarette smoke, and unfortunately get migraine headaches from strong perfumes, so my taste in scents runs to the very mild (like love's baby soft, mildly scented vanilla, stuff like that). I do not have an amazon or other wish list online, I am very new to a lot of stuff on the net, including blogging! Yes, unfortunately I do have a sweet tooth and love chocolate (doesn't every girl!). I like to sew, I scrapbook. Music tastes- classical mainly, I love the cello, I like contemporary Christian music, I love Otis Redding and 50's music, I'll listen to some hip hop (if it isn't vulgar).I don't think I can play MP3s or I would probably know it!

I love blues and greens. Mostly the type of colors that you would find in like a Ralph Lauren seaside collection (think beach glass, sea water, etc) I love the ocean ( I live here on the Atlantic). I am married and have two boys, ages 10 and 16 months. We are living with my sister currently while we are having a house built, so the only pet we have is a betta fish. When we get the house, my son is going to get a rabbit (wouldn't that be nice to get an angora and spin my own yarn.....) Life dreams- one will be fulfilled shortly, when I go on vacation in Oct, I am going to milk a cow!! I have always wanted to do that! I want to learn to play cello, I want to someday live in a log home, probably in the mountains of NC. I want to rent an RV and drive across America. I want to swim with dolphins. I would like to visit Steve Prefontaine's grave. I would love to visit Israel but probably never will because 1) I am afraid of flying and 2) it is too dangerous there.

Favorite yarns- I am still in the stage where I am experimenting with different yarns so I can't much say I have a fave, but I think if my first pair of socks works out, Fortissima Colori will be my fave!! I like natural fibers, and I have to say I hate the word acrylic, but at the same time I like experimenting and I like eyelash and GGH Puntolinea, and they are definitely NOT natural fiber! I think my current obsession is trying to get a nicely felted booga bag, since mine didn't! I am going to buy some cascade 220 and try again!! Then, I want to try to do the FMB....

Right now, I am working on... punk rock backpack for my son (for Christmas), scarf for my little sis in a great mohair blend, another booga bag, and I bought the DPNs for my first pair of socks today.I can't wait to get started on those!!! Also, somewhere in my storage, I have the narrow drop shoulder sweater (from Rebecca) on needles! As for ponchos, I would have to say no I don't think I like them, but there is one in "Weekend Knitting" that I think is adorable and want to knit! I just started knitting on circulars and I think they rock!!

I learned to knit from a susan bates book because nobody wanted to teach me since I am left handed. I just recently found out, through knitting without tears, that I am a tight knitter who knits backward!

And.... my oldest UFO... I am embarrassed to admit. Let's just say I wanted to learn to knit when I was pregnant with my first son, and started a baby sweater for him.......

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The house is getting under way!!

Well, it is finally getting going!! We met the site supervisor at our lot today to approve the placement of the home on the lot. The house is going to be set back from the curb 55' and there is a small pond that is in the back. We are so excited about it!!

We had to wait at the site for the supervisor for quite a while, so, I finished another Christmas gift!! Hooray, 2 down! Also, I knit all the i cord for the booga bag and it is in the washer now! Oh- just realized I forgot to take a before pic- well I will have to do that with the next one!

Got a pattern today for the fortissimo colori socks I am going to make- it will be my first adventure on dpns, besides the i cord. Exciting!!!

Well, that's all for today!!