Thursday, October 28, 2004

Silk Garden blooms like there's no tommorrow!

Well, yesterday I was blog surfing, and found that on my island posted a link about washing silk garden that was a bit too big. Here's how cate did it . So, I vigorously hand washed my Klara, squeezed her out in a towel, and put her in the dryer! She did shrink up a bit, but is still too big for my liking.

This is Klara in progress.

And here she is finished!

I think what I would like to do is find a button of brooch or some other unusual type fastener, and place it about 2" up on the V. And, I will definitely be making another- in a smaller size.

Since I finished my Klara, last night I picked up my CHRISTmas scarf again. This is the Have Fun! Scarf from Sally Melville's "The Knit Stitch", which was going along well, until I dropped a stitch without realizing it. It ran down about 15 rows. And I couldn't carry it back up. So, last night I ripped it back, and then picked it back up. I can't wait to finish this scarf. Every CHRISTmas present I finish gives me such a feeling of relief!

Did everyone check out the Knitty Fall Surprise? I think it is great! I want to make up some chemo caps, and bring them to the cancer center at the hospital where I work.

Other news- I get to go see the house tonight! We also always go to Barnes and Noble at the Mayfaire Center. I love the bookstore, I love Mayfaire. And tonight I am going to get Amy's
book! I am very excited about that- she's got some really cool projects in it!!

Speaking of projects- I better go! I have been working on clearing out the bottom two shelves of my bookcase, since my baba

thinks it is for him to throw the stuff around!

Have a great day, everyone!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I need my yoga!

Yesterday's yoga class ROCKED. There were only two young (college-aged) girls and moi. So we got to really gather round Stephanie, and she sort of tailored the class to us- how cool! Lots of different poses from my first class, but still many of the same too. We did the bridge- I think when we were young we used to call it a backbend, where you are on your feet and hands only, bent over like an elbow macaroni? Yeah....I needed spotting with that one! I was pretty happy that I could actually do it, though! We also did the plow pose again, which I can totally do! It was totally relaxing, but at the same time, I got a very good workout! Amazing, how something can be relaxing and invigorating at the same time.
Today, I had to do a bunch of stuff around the house- cleaning the carpets in my bedroom and the living room, laundry including the comforter, and cleaning the kitchen. Of course, after this, my son dropped a drink on my floor, and my sister's dog tore open a package of cocoa on the living room rug. GRRR!

I finished Klaralund today, except for the blocking. And what do I think? I think that I am smaller than I thought. I am going to make another, and I will make her smaller. This one will have to be worn with a camisole or tank top. I think I will still be happy with her though, once she is blocked. I am hoping to do this tonight.

So, why no pictures? I cannot figure out why my camera won't dock. I think I am going to have to take it to Best Buy to be looked at. That stinks, because I also wanted to share pics of my house with you. They are finishing up the electrical and should be starting to hang the drywall in the next day or two. I will be SO happy when we get into the house!

Note to my secret pal- thanks for your comment! I was starting to wonder if you were around! I am glad that you have been keeping up with me through my blog. I try to keep it up regularly, and try mostly to include only the positive! Some days are sure tough, though. My ten year old is just driving me NUTS lately. I think I should take YOGA every day! Actually, thre is a yoga show on Oxygen, called inhale, that I may tape and do at home most days.

If anyone reading this knows, please comment- have you ever used Noro Korchoran? I was wondering about using it to knit another Klara- the gauge on it is 14 st on 6.5 mm needles. The gauge on Silk Garden is 18 st on 4.5 mm needles. Is this too much of a difference to substitute it? The reason I wanted to maybe use it, is that it has angora. YUM!

OK, all, have a great night!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I had a great day at work today! But of course as soon as I got home today, my 10 yo is getting me aggravated before yoga! We got his report card last night- not very good!! And all his teachers said that he is an intelligent kid, just not very focused, and he does the bare minimum to get by. Neither my husband nor I were like that. We don't really know what to do with him, I get so tired of arguing with him all the time about doing schoolwork!
I was going to post pics of my alomost finished Klaralund last night, but my camera won't dock so I can't download my pics to my computer. Hopefully tonight or tommorrow when baba is napping I can look at it and see what isn't working there.

So, tonight I have yoga. I have been looking forward to it all day! I find it so relaxing. I had written before about making a yoga mat bag. Well Ei
asked if I was going to make a yoga mat. That got me to thinking.... how cool would that be? You could knit a mat and felt it.... might have to try that, after the holidays!

I also would like to say that my new house now has a real roof, and windows and a front door and a bathtub! I get to go see it Thursday night and see how it is coming along!!

Joeli, sweet girl that she is, is helping me out with the sidebar on my blog. How sweet, she is a student at MIT (= way smarter than your average bear!) and is taking the time to help me (= less computer proficient than the average bear!) Thanks so much, Joeli! (she was also the one who taught me how to put these links in! Now I feel cool!

OK, must light my nag champa candle and breathe!

Have a great evening!

Monday, October 25, 2004

knitting up a storm!

I started Klaralund's second sleeve today! I am so excited about her, I can't wait to finish!! (Why do I have to go to work tommorrow?) I will post pics later.

So, I had to modify the pattern a wee bit. One ball of my silk garden was horrible- all thick & thin, and I mean as thin as a strand of embroidery thread. I didn't want that stinky yarn in my sweater! I also didn't want to buy another skein from a different dye lot. SO:
My Klaralund has 3/4 length sleeves! I think it is going to look great! I had actually wanted to make a second one with the shorter sleeve, in a different color. But, as providence would have it....I was forced to make this one shorter! This is fine with me, since I get overheated easily anyways. I promise to post pics later!!

Also, Joeli and I have been working on my sidebar. Trying to fix it up. So, right now, the sidebar should be on my WIP list!

OK, all for now- I gotta go eat dinner! Have a great night!!

nothing about knitting here

I am sorry, right now I cannot write about knitting. I have been worrying about my son, and his schooling, and just how quickly they grow up. So, I am sitting here, reading blogs, working on Klara's first sleeve, and watching TV. This show I am watching (never saw it before) Living the Life, they were talking about the clothes that kids are wearing these days. The host brought out a collection of clothes she bought that were supposed to be for 6-10 year old girls. It just made me so sad. There were these little tiny skirts that a girl wouldn't be able to bend down in! The low rise jeans that have a tiny zipper (like 3 inches long!) little halters and strappy little tops. They even have shiny satiny undies for that age, as well a s pair that said MEOW on the front. Oh- and get this- tiny little padded, demi cup push up bras.

Now, I realize that I am a very conservative person, but come on! This just makes my heart so heavy. Our kids are growing up way too fast. My son (10 years old) has come home and asked me what is rape? Someone said Kobe Bryant raped someone. He has told me some of the things he has heard at school and they shocked me (and don''t forget, I used to be in the army!)

I am feeling so down about this. I worry so much for my boys. They are expected to grow up so quickly now. When buddy was in third grade, we spent a MINIMUM of 3 hours a night on homework. I just don't get it. I want my son to grow up slowly, like a normal CHILD!

I promise, I will post tonight, with pics. And it will be about knitting and my first steps in crochet yesterday!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Thank you Lizz

Here is a pic of Klaralund this morning. Thanks to Lizz I can show her to you!

I have been working on her a lot today so, here's another!

and just for fun, a new book!

Now, does anyone want to tell me how to put a photo album on my sidebar? It would be so very greatly appreciated!

my blog is boring!

I am getting so frustrated with trying to put pictures into my posts. I copy the HTML, then when I come to my post and right click, it doesn't give me the option to paste. It is driving me crazy! If anyone can help, please do!

I was going to show you the beginning of my Klaralund. Marilyn is sitting in timeout for not behaving. She said she is very sorry, though, so she might be allowed to come out and play soon!
The yarn I am using for Klaralund is very beautiful- light brown, green, purple, all very muted shades. Since Marilyn is so bright, I wanted something more understated. I really like it, although I have to say that my silk garden has broken a few times already, and I have only done about two inches. I have found that some spots of the yarn are really thin, and I try to be careful not to pull it too much!!

The baby is down for his nap, after having a good vapor bath and taking his medicine like a big boy! He is just so sweet, he was dancing to the wiggles today, and I already got a big kiss. He is very stingy with kisses so I love when he kisses me out of the blue! He also gave my mom 3 kisses over the phone!

I had tried to get a day off from work this weekend to go to the state fair. Apparently, everyone on my team has gotten so accustomed to not having to work the weekends, that it was just too big a sacrifice for anyone to give up one weekend day. Well anyways, my husband's boss let him take Friday off (without pay, he's used up his vacation) so that we can all go to the state fair! I am so excited!

Everybody have a great day!! Get some knitting in!!

Edited to add: Hayden, sniper cozies started quite a controversy at the Knitty boards. A group of women got together and decided to knit warm items for American snipers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. It gets quite cold in Afganistan and I think in parts of Iraq. The motto of the American Sniper is "one shot one kill". So I followed a chart and purled the motto onto a scarf made of olive wool.
To find sniper cozies you can find a link at
Sorry I am not great at links yet!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Back to normal life

Well, we have settled back into the "Real World". Not like the Mtv real world, but Real real world, as in- laundry to be done, full days at work, a sick baby crying and deciding he needed to sleep in bed with me all night for comfort, grocery shopping, etc! Yes, baba didn't feel well last night, and the only time he was happy was laying down with me wrapped in his blanket. So we slept together all night. I didn't sleep that well, but he got a full night's sleep and I think he is feeling a lot better today.
Last night I took my first YOGA class. It was great!! I just absolutely loved it- so much better than trying to do a video during baba's naptime! It was just so relaxing, yet at the same time I know I was doing something good for my body too. It was just very soothing. I am looking forward to taking more classes. And, OF COURSE, I will need to make a yoga mat bag (last minute knitted gifts). (hee-hee!)
I am trying to finish up some little projects so I can give Marilyn my full attention, and then start Klaralund. I am working on another Christmas scarf, and I have my shawl for class, and Buddy's punk rock backpack. Then some baby hats and hats for friends. I'd like to make a sweater for Baba but I can't figure out the Phildar pattern I wanted to make. So much to do!! So little time!!
I am sending out packages to my secret pal and sniper cozies today. I also have a couple things to send to fiber RAOKers! And a little scarf I knit for my niece.

Hoping to figure out how to put up picture albums today when baba takes his nap! Since I am having such trouble getting pics posted in my blog.....

I almost forgot- there is a new knitalong- the bearalong!! Hosted by Katie J and Katie O, you can find it at

Hope you all have a great beautiful day. As for me, I am hoping to be productive!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

vacation part 2

After we left the cabin at KOA, we drove to Blue Rock Ohio, to stay at the McNutt Farm 2. The farm is a "bed and breakfast" where you can learn about farming. It is a dairy farm, totally organic, the cows are grass fed and have room to roam in huge pastures. When we pulled in, the owner's wife met us with a jug of milk, a pound of bacon and a carton of eggs and showed us to our cabin. The cabin is across the street from the main farm buildings and the Mcnutt's house. The cabin is an old log cabin that was more recently added on to, so we had a kitchen, a family room with a wood burning fireplace... all nice. BUT the bathroom- it had something called an "envirolet" toilet. You cannot put any TP in there. Plus, the bath seemed sirty and there were HUGE spiders in it! Needless to say, we waited until the hotel on the way home to take our showers!
So at the farm, we got to milk cows, feed the calves, and round up cattle at night. We went hiking on the property, and spent a lot of time playing mancala and jenga. Luc loved that of course!

We had a very relaxing visit. We left Sunday morning and drove to Durham. There, we were thrilled to 1) take long hot showers and 2) get a pizza for dinner! We just relaxed at the hotel and watched (guilty pleasure) American Choppers. My boys love that show & I think it is really entertaining!! Anyway, we had a continental breakfast at the hotel next morning, then went to the Museum of Natural History in Raleigh. We really had a great time, and the baby loved all of it. He even touched a snake ( a live one) actually, he tried to squeeze it. After that, we went to GREAT YARNS in Raleigh. It was great! The store was a bit crowded, but was just wonderful. I really wanted to buy some Rowan, since everyone speaks of it so highly....I picked up, then put back, rowan calmer, big wool, biggie print. I finally decided on Jaeger luxury tweed, and their new pattern book to make Elsie cardigan- it is so cute. Of course I probably wont get it done until it's too hot to wear it!

On the knitting front- I am about 1/3 of the way done with my fiesta ribbon shawl that I am making in my knitting class. Today I frogged Marilyn's sleeve. It all looked OK, but when I held it up to my arm- when it was done, I think it would have reached PAST my fingertips. So I need to try to work that again.

Oh- I also got some Berroco Lullaby to make a sweater for Baba. Now if I coould just get my pics to post here, I could show you! No luck with photobucket again today...

Maybe I will just try to figure out how to put picture albums on my sidebar. That would be great!

Going out tonight to Cafe de France with my DH, then to B&N. I am so excited, the restaurant has the BEST french onion soup, and the crepes are to die for (OK, my hubbie's are better, but they are close). And I was thinking about checking out spin off magazine- for smoe reason I decided I need to make a drop spindle and learn how to spin. Perhaps in preparation for having my BUN when I get my new house. On that front- it is all framed and the plywood is up. PROGRESS!!

Have a great night!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!

Well, I'm back from vacation! We had the GREATEST time! We drove to Ohio, and hubbie drove the whole way (I don't like driving in unfamilar places). So, I got to work on Marilyn. First two nights we spent in a camping cabin at the KOA in Buckeye Lake, Ohio. If you have never been to one of these, I highly recommend it! The cabin was spotlessly clean, the showers were great, clean and all the hot water you could want! Everyone was very friendly and helpful there. We rented little pedal cars and a recumbent bicycle one day and just rode around the was such fun. The boys just LOVEd that! They had a playground the boys could play at, then one night I stayed with little baba to get him to be, and DH brought buddy to play pool and pinball. Each night we built a fire in the fire pit and roasted bratwurst & hot dogs, and of course we had smores. Cider was so cheap there, we bought a gallon of it ($1.99) and drank cider around the fire. Only bad thing, we forgot DH's violin, so he couldn't play for us. But we backed the car up by the fire and played "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder (book on tape). It was just a wonderful, relaxing time. My older son taught us to play mancala, and of course he won about 99% of the time!!

We spent one day at the Longaberger homestead. I sell Longaberger baskets, just as a hobby, so it was so cool to go there and see them being made! We had such fun, we made a basket together, took a tour of the weaving facility, played on a playground... we ate at the homestead restaurant, that makes just good, downhome meals. It was great, although my DH actually made fun of me becase I chose pickled beets as one of my sides. But we never have them at home because he doesn't like them, so I was happy to eat them!

I think I will write about the farm visit tommorrow, just so this post isn't too long! I also have to tell you about my visit to Great Yarns in Raleigh, and my first real knitting class I took yesterday!!

Just a quick update on knitting progress though. I made a Paris Loop while driving to ohio, I finished the back of Marilyn and most of my first sleeve. I brought along my first sock, which still sits around, about 2 inches of the cuff knitted. I didn't touch it, somehow it is just intimidating me! And yesterday, at my class, I started a new shawl, it is called the making tracks shawl. But more about that in a future post!!

I wanted to share photos of my vacation, but I can't get them to post to my blog. I will try again later!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

wow, I go on vacation tommorrow!!

I am so excited, I can't wait. I had a yucky day at work today, our doctor was being a jerk, then I accidentally called him Honey and we made a big joke out of it so for the rest of the day we kept calling each other honey, sweetie, peaches, etc. While we were working, I had to keep checking the screen on our cryotherapy machine to tell him when it got down to -80 degrees. While I was doing that, he told my boss he wished he could have my voice put into our vitrectomy machine (that machine actually talks to you, in a very proper British voice). He said that my voice was very calming. This really made me feel good, because a lot of people have actually said that! At the LYS, the two women who work there said I have a very calming aura about me! I really, really like that.

Well, we leave tommorrow for Ohio. I am very excited. I am hoping to finish Marilyn while I am there! Speaking of Marilyn, let me see if my photobucket is working...

oh good, I think it worked! This is the back of Marilyn so far.

Jacob thought it was a lot of fun to climb in this box!

And, one more....

I threw this hat together at work one day when we weren't too busy! It is a little to big, I was worried about it being small because baba has a large head!!

Have a great week!

is this thing workin?

Sunday, October 03, 2004

more progress

Well, made some progress on Marilyn. I took a pic, but of course photobucket is NOT WORKING! I will have to find another site for image hosting, one that actually works! In the meantime, believe me that it is turning out beautifully! I started the armhole shaping for the back, and once I got the hang of her, she is coming along beautifully.

Last night, I won an Ebay auction for 10 skeins of Noro Silk Garden, to make Klaralund. I think that is such a beautiful sweater. I showed a friend of mine the pattern today and she saw it and was like "that sweater is you!!" It will be real pretty, a kind of gray and brown and I think there's a little green. Very understated but beautiful! (it is shade 88)

I cannot wait for our trip! I have lots to do for tommorrow to get ready!

Better go now!! Have a great night!!

Friday, October 01, 2004

how my knitting day went...

OK, so I was so excited to start with the lamb's pride. I went out in the AM and got an Addi Turbo and got gauge (11 US). So, here's how it went....
Cast on 76 stitches. Only I do the long tail cast on and I didn't leave enough. Pull out my 70 stitches, try again. Knit the first 3 rows of the project (slowly, as I have to knit, read, knit, read). Realize that although I had hilighted the size I was using, I still used the wrong numbers. Rip it out. Crosss out all the other sizes on my copy of pattern. Recast on.Knit about 8 rows, using the right size. Realize I am not quite sure where I am (still trying to figure out stitch markers and row markers and such). Put knitting down to pick up son from school... Get home. Make something to eat for baby. Help Buddy with his video game. Decide it is time for me to knit. Pick up knitting, discover addis are so slick knitting has fallen off needle. Try to save it. Try to unknit row. Get confused at cable. Frog whole thing. Re cast on. twice. Set knitting down because I smell dinner burning (even though when I walked out of kitchen I loudly announced to sister and DH- OK you guys can finish dinner. The ribs need to come out in a couple of minutes).
Turn microwave on accidentally when I mean to set timer on microwave. Blow up sister's microwave. Come into bedroom, thinking "I had better vent before picking up that knitting again". Sit down at computer to type this. Look over at bed- baby is looking at bicycling magazine with DH! and sitting on my knitting.....

HOPEFULLY I will get something done tonight!!

Lamb's pride Bulky, how I love thee!

Oh, I am swooning! I am so in love.... I received my yarn for Marilyn last night, and I am just so in love!! I bought Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky in is the most wonderful feeling yarn!! Now, I haven't got a lot of experience with different yarns....mostly what I can get at AC Moore, with the occasional splurge at the LYS (she carries great, but expensive yarns). Oh this Lamb's pride is just calling out to me...make me into your me....wear me... Now I swatched last night, and what a pity but I need to go buy a different circular. What a shame, I think I will just *have to try* the Addi Turbos! Since I have heard so many good things about them!

Other knitting news...since I finished my first sniper cozy, and was waiting for the yarn goodness that will be Marilyn, I started to really work on my son's Christmas present- punk rock backpack from SnB. The monkey one. I have finished: the upper front, the gusset, and one strap. I am making this up in (ugh) 100% acrylic- for easy care. I don't like knitting with this stinky squeaky yarn! But I guess it will make a cute backpack! I have to knit this when Buddy isn't around, so he doesn't get any ideas. He has already caught onto the "It's for Aunt Laurie" since I've already done that !

I would show ya'll some pics of all this yarn happiness, but my photobucket all of a sudden won't open on my server. So until I figure it out- I'm pictureless!

Now one more thing to gush about. Less than a week and I will be going on vacation! To Ohio! Now if you are like everyone else, you will say "what is in Ohio?" Well, I am glad you asked! I am going to the big basket, the Longaberger factory. I am sort of a consultant for them (haven't done anything while living at my sis's). We will stay in a cabin for 3 nights, that is on a state park by a lake. We will hike and roast marshmallows and hubbie will play violin by the fire... Then 2 days on a WORKING FARM!! I am so excited about it!! I am making a dress (today, when baba is asleep) to wear. I am so excited to live out my Laura Ingalls fantasy!! And( tiny hope) maybe I can find a little yarn shop while on vaca....

We are excited about NOT seeing a TV the whole time. I will have my cell phone turned OFF. This is so exciting to me!! The only thing is, I am going to have my Brother in law tape the 2nd debate for me!!

Joeli, if you are reading this, I was wondering if anyone is sending you care packages while you are at school? You know, the essentials, like kool aid, tampons, the like, with a little goodness thrown in? If not, let me know....I think I could make a great mama care package for you!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!