Friday, February 11, 2005

Loving thoughts shawl

I was up late last night- a little stress induced insomnia- so I finished my loving thoughts shawl! I love it, it is incredibly wonderful to wrap myself in it. It is just acrylic, but at least I know it won't get accidentally felted! I was thinking I would show you a pic but somehow I cannot pull it up in photobucket... maybe I'll try again later.

Well, the last week has been a bummer. I had the flu and thought I was feeling better yesterday. Buddy was home from school sick and I took both the boys to run a few errands, which unfortunately did not include dropping off the RAOKs I made while not feeling great. Anyways, last stop was the grocery store. I left the boys in the car with the car running (buddy is 10 and KNOWS not to do anything with the car. He locks the doors and holds my cell phone. and I was in the store long enough to pick up cheese and mushrooms). So, I get back to the car, and when I put it into drive, there was this horrible knocking/ banging noise, a burning smell, and huge puffs of white smoke from the muffler. THANK GOD we were only 1 mile from home. I borrowed (with permission!) a shopping cart and pushed the baby home in that. UGH! So, it turns out it was the turbo on my car. GRR!

Last night I was lying in bed, worrying about the car becuase I don't handle these kinds of things so well. I was trying so hard not to worry, but I couldn't stop. So I got up and knit and read blogs. Some of you girls just really lift me up when I am feeling down, with little funny thoughts or pics. How nice!!

Anyways, after I finished my shawl, I finished my friend Mike's hat, even with a little I-cord and tassle. I'll tell you, once I got my Chibi,

I don't mind finishing so much! And, I am soon going to have my own homemade blocking board! My husband sells styrofoam board that is used for insulation, so he ordered me a piece that is 1" thick and large enough to block at least the front and back of a sweater. I just need to get some checked fabric to cover it with; I am thinking gingham.

Well, Wednesday began Lent, and I gave up chocolate. I am craving already!!! But I am really good at keeping my Lenten promises. And it helps me lose weight!! Buddy also gave up chocolate, this is a big year for him because it is his first time giving anything up. I was proud of him today because he wanted some so bad and took a piece and unwrapped it and then just threw it back in the basket and said "I want it so bad!" I told him about the Sunday rule so he will be eating some on Sunday.

I also wanted to update on George W. He is doing so well, he has gotten used to his new hutch. He drinks about a quart of water a day, and he likes his timothy but he LOVES his pellets. He pushes the bowl to you when he sees you coming with his food. The fence has been finished too, so he has been able to get out a couple of times and hop around the yard for a while. The allergy thing doesn't seem to be too much of a problem either, I guess it must just be when he has a lot of fur!

I want to thank everyone who sent well wishes. I was thinking how horrible it must be to have fibrtomyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis and ache like that ALL of the time. My grandmother had horrible RA and I remeber how painful little tasks were for her. Now I can sympathise with my patients with joint or muscle pain better. See- for everything there is a reason!!


At 3:30 AM, Blogger Joeli said...

Ha ha, sometimes I'm so dumb! I was reading along, yadda yadda, everything fine, until I get to "I also wanted to update on George W." My mind immediately went to the President, but no problem, I know how much you support him, so I read on. He's doing well, getting used to his new spot, drinks 1/2 quart of water?? What?? How does Patti know how much water the President drinks?? Likes his timothy? Is this some kind of code? Pellets? Then it hit me, you're talking about the rabbit. Whoops!

Glad you're feeling better!

At 7:02 PM, Blogger Brynne said...

I'm glad you got some things done and that everyone is okay even if the car isn't. My sympathy goes out to any mom who's not feeling well -- it makes a tough job into the hardest one in the world.

At 6:59 AM, Blogger becky said...

Good luck with giving up chocolate for lent. No yarn buying for me and major candy cutdown. We'll do it :-)


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