Friday, February 25, 2005

Some knitterly thoughts

I have been thinking lately about how my knitting skills have progressed, as well as how the way I think about knitting has changed.

I have been very excited about learning new things. And I remember when I first started Marilyn I thought "Am I really going to be able to make that?" Well, I learned about decreasing and what looks best for which edge. I learned how to cable. I think I finally understand how to pick up stitches and knit. And, I am really happy with my finishing of the sweater. I attribute that to my wonderful chibi!

In the beginning of that sweater, if I made a mistake I would either 1) not know how to fix it and have to frog, or 2) decide that I wouldn't fix it because it wouldn't be that noticeable. By the end of the sweater though, I felt comfortable with ripping something to get it just right. I figured out how to bring a dropped stitch back up the ladder. And I also thought a lot more about the construction of the garment and how everything would look together.

I have also thought a lot about choosing the right projects for ME. I ripped my Klaralund, and the vest I am making is making me a lot happier. I know that it will look much better on me and I will feel better about myself when wearing it! I feel great about Marilyn; she doesn't accentuate curves but at the same time she doesn't make me look frumpy. I really started thinking about this concept after noticing how our favorite skinny rabbit always looks good in what she makes. There are others in the blog world, too, that seem to make things that fit them so perfectly, like Ei, and Lynne. So now, when I look at my pattern books, I try to envision how something would look on me, and would it accentuate the good, the bad, or the just plain ugly?

At our last knitting night, Brooke told me that she thought I was so productive. I told her it is just because I knit every day. Truly, I don't remeber the last time when I did knit at least a few rows in a day. Probably when I had the flu, but then I think I slept about 20 hrs out of the day so that doesn't count. So actually, I think I am pretty slow. But I enjoy the process. It relaxes me after a stressful day, and believe me with my 10 yr old and the problems with my car, the stress has been high lately! (side note- my husband is hopefully trading in my car this weekend. Wish me luck!) Something about the rhythm of the stitches, and seeing something "become" before your eyes. I think about the knitting, but not very hard. I guess it is a bit like meditation, although studies have shown that meditation can make you depressed whereas studies only seem to show positive emotional side effects from knitting.

I guess all this is to say, I love knitting!! I hope you all do too. I am hoping to finish the knitting of my vest tonight, and then seam and finish over the weekend! I have fabric for a nice sarong skirt and a shawl collared, short sleeve blouse to make to go with her. And I may even knit the sophie and felt it to go with my lovely Easter outfit.

Have a wonderful, thoughtful, and relaxing day!


At 11:45 AM, Blogger amanda said...

you're absolutely right. there are so many projects out there i'd like to knit and never end up wearing because they weren't meant for me. so need to stay focused on what will compliment me best:O)


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